Kids Paddle Boards

Explore our range of top quality kids inflatable paddle boards. Specifically designed for kids and smaller riders as the perfect allround board for all water conditions and everyday use. The smaller size doesn’t mean any reduction in quality standards, made from the exact same cutting edge manufacturing process that ensures a lightweight, agile and extremely durable SUP.

Kids Inflatable Paddle boards

Our 8’ x 30” x 4” Kids SUPs are designed for junior or smaller riders looking for their perfect first steps into the world of paddle boarding before moving onto a larger board as they grow. 

The smaller length and size compared to our adult boards makes these childs paddleboards much easier for younger riders to manoeuvre both in and out of the water. The 30” width still makes these boards extremely stable and are made with the same leading manufacturing methods to provide maximum durability at a lighter weight. Our quality kids paddleboards have excellent stability and buoyancy as well as fantastic glide so you can buy with confidence.

Our Beachbum™ Kids paddle boards, like our adult size boards come with everything you need to get straight out on the water and having loads of fun. Included in the paddle board package is a travel rucksack, double-action pump, lightweight paddle, 3 fin setup, leash and repair kit. 

Get your kids their own inflatable paddle board and create more memories on the water that the whole family can enjoy!

SUP Accessories

Upgrade your paddleboard setup with our high quality accessories, from electric paddle board pumps, to superlite carbon fibre upgraded paddles, spare fins and more. Find the setup that’s best for your next SUP adventure.