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MAX - the original beachbum

Hello there! We are BEACHBUM®
"We believe in having a good time and experiencing life to the maximum. We provide the ideal experience for those who want to explore the adventurous side of life."

- Max, CEO/Founder Beachbum®

MAX - the founder of BEACHBUM® UK
Men on Stand-up inflatable Beachbum® paddle board UK
our story

A love of water-sports turned into a passion for Paddle Boarding for MAX. Frustrated by the current market, he became aware of a need for quality Paddle Boards that are affordable. Knowing the benefits gained from being able to paddle and what it can do for people’s health, mindset and lifestyle, starting BEACHBUM® just made sense.

Two ladies paddle boarding on sea with inflatable paddle boards by Beachbum® UK

beachbum® mission

“Our goal is to create a community of adventurers that have gained a new found love of being out on the water with a Paddle Board. A collective who share the same values of health, well-being, sun, fun and Paddle Boarding”.

Max - the original BEACHBUM®


We are here for you.
Your LIFESTYLE, HEALTH and HAPPINESS is our priority, and always will be.

Beginners paddle boarding on inflatable Beachbum® The First Edition paddle boards


If you are curious and adventurous then you must love trying something new, fun, challenging and exciting. You probably also enjoy the health benefits that come with these activities.

If you are aching to add excitement to your life and optimise your lifestyle then pursue that burning desire for adventure with us.


20 minutes per day spent outside in nature can lower stress hormone levels, boost your self-esteem and improve your mood.

Women sitting on Beachbum® stand-up inflatable paddle boards SUP on the sea sun

It really does feel as good as it looks. Getting that well needed Vitamin D with a Paddle in hand can do wonders for your mindset. Early in the morning, in the middle of the day or catching that last hour of sun on a BEACHBUM® Paddle Board gives you that wholesome you-time that you deserve.

our priority
your happyness & wellbeing

It really is.
We want to give you the opportunity to Paddle Board the right way. A quality Paddle Board that not only gives you balance on the water, but can give you a balance to your life.

Beginner paddleboarding lady caring inflatable Beachbum® Paddle board in UK

What a time to be alive.

Why not have that new adventure today?

the SUP

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The choice is yours.

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