Paddle Board Accessories: That Make All The Difference

So you've got your paddle board and maybe you've been out a couple of times or already paddled for a few seasons. There's many reasons you might want to upgrade your setup, from being able to go further, paddle in more comfort or even SUP in more weather/water conditions. Here's a breakdown of some of our favourite paddle board accessories to really maximise your SUP adventures...

Electric Paddle Board Pump

We've all experienced the weary arms after getting our boards to the intended 15 PSI that gives most performance, which on a hot day can be particularly draining. Electric Pumps take all the strain away so you can retain your energy for the water and spend that inflation time accessing the conditions. Plus they're so easy to use, simply plug into a 12V port that comes as standard in almost every car. Select 15 PSI and then press inflate. Just remember to make sure your valve is closed before inflating.

Quick Release Waist Leash

If you're planning on paddling on any rivers or areas with fast flowing water. A quick release waist leash could save your life. Anywhere where you could get caught in a current and your leash could get wrapped around something, it's very important that you are able to separate yourself from the paddle board. 

Kayak Conversion Seat

Be able to plan longer paddle board journeys, or just simply paddle in more comfort. These easily attachable seats transform your paddle board into a sit on kayak. Perfect for longer journeys, windy conditions or for those who struggle with balancing for long periods of time. Simply click the straps onto your board with the pre-installed D-Ring mounts, adjust the straps to a comfortable position and off you go!

Second Blade Conversion

If you have purchased the kayak conversion seat, we highly recommend also buying the second blade, which will turn your standard paddle into a double ended (kayak style) paddle. Meaning you're able to paddle on both sides of the board, for more propulsion and a straighter glide. Combining this second blade with the kayak seat is the perfect setup for windy or long journeys.

Dry Bag

Not only from a safety point of view, but also it's nice to be able to take your valuables, extra clothing or snacks with you when you paddle board. Dry Bags are a great accessory for any SUP trip. They do what's in the name and keep everything within them perfectly dry and if done up correctly will float for more than enough time for you to reach it if accidentally dropped into the water. From a safety aspect, you should always have a mobile phone with you when out on the water should you need to contact for help in an emergency situation. 

Reusable Water Bottles

We all know the importance of staying hydrated and as paddleboarding is a full body workout it's key to carry fluids with you on any longer trips. But it's also beneficial to think about the type of bottle you take with you. Plastic is filling our oceans and it's all of our responsibility to do our bit. By getting a reusable water bottle it will not only keep your water colder but it's also better for the environment... win, win! 

If there's any other paddle board accessories you love that we've missed out. Let us know and we'll review them too. Safe paddles all!