Winter SUP Checklist

Wondering how best to prepare for your winter SUP adventures? Here's our tips on how to maximise your paddle board fun all year round in the UK:


SUP-specific Wetsuit or Drysuit
Invest in a thick wetsuit 5/4mm or drysuit specifically designed for SUP to ensure optimal mobility and comfort in cold water.

Layering for SUP Adventures
Wear moisture-wicking base layers designed for SUP enthusiasts to keep sweat away from your skin. Add a thermal layer for extra insulation, and don't forget about those fleece-lined options for maximum warmth during your SUP outings.

Paddle Gloves for SUP Enthusiasts
Protect your hands from the elements with specialised neoprene or waterproof paddle gloves, crucial for maintaining a comfortable grip on your SUP paddle.

Neoprene Booties for SUP Comfort
Keep your feet warm and comfortable in neoprene booties or water shoes with a reliable grip, enhancing your overall SUP experience.

SUP-specific Hood for Extra Warmth
Consider a neoprene hood designed with stand-up paddle boarding in mind to keep your head and ears warm during chilly SUP sessions.

PFD for SUP Safety
Ensure you wear a PFD (Personal Flotation Device) suitable for SUP, combining safety with the convenience of movement. It's especially crucial in colder conditions, enhancing your confidence on your SUP board.

SUP-Ready Outerwear for Variable Conditions
Choose a waterproof and windproof jacket specifically crafted for SUP enthusiasts to shield yourself from the elements while enjoying your SUP adventures.

Get Warm Quick
As soon as you've finished your water adventure, be sure to warm up and dry off as fast as you can with a changing robe designed to support cold water adventures like our range range of Premium Quality Brobe Changing Robes proven to help return your core temperature to optimum levels, once exposed to cold water.

SUP Accessories
Don't forget about SUP accessories like a leash and a waterproof hat to enhance your overall SUP experience in winter.

UV Protection for SUP Enthusiast
Even in winter, protect your skin from the sun's rays by using sunscreen and wearing UV-protective clothing specifically designed for SUP activities.

SUP Safety Reminder
Before embarking on your winter SUP adventure, always check the weather forecast and be mindful of wind conditions especially off shore winds. Safety is paramount for an enjoyable and secure stand-up paddle boarding experience.

Remember to adapt your gear and clothing choices based on the specific demands of stand-up paddle boarding in winter conditions.