Hampshire's Top Paddle Boarding Spots

Paddle boarding has become a beloved pastime for many outdoor enthusiasts, offering a unique perspective of Hampshire's stunning landscapes. With its diverse waterways, Hampshire provides an array of paddle boarding opportunities for beginners and experienced paddlers alike. We'll explore some of the best paddle boarding spots in Hampshire, guaranteed to inspire your next aquatic adventure.

1. The River Test:
Flowing through picturesque countryside, the River Test offers a tranquil setting for paddle boarding. With its calm waters and lush greenery lining the banks, paddlers can enjoy a leisurely journey while spotting wildlife such as kingfishers and otters. Launch your board from Stockbridge or other access points along the river for a serene paddle through the heart of Hampshire.

2. Keyhaven Marshes:
Nestled along the Solent coast, Keyhaven Marshes boast stunning views of the Isle of Wight and the iconic Hurst Castle. Paddle boarders can explore the winding channels of this nature reserve, navigating through salt marshes teeming with birdlife. With its shallow waters and gentle tides, Keyhaven Marshes offer an ideal spot for beginners to hone their skills while soaking in the scenic surroundings.

3. Beaulieu River:
Meandering through the New Forest National Park, the Beaulieu River provides a peaceful escape for paddle boarders seeking natural beauty and tranquility. Launch your board from Buckler's Hard and paddle upstream, passing historic shipyards and ancient woodlands. Keep an eye out for herons, swans, and other wildlife that call the river home.

4. Calshot Beach:
For those craving a taste of adventure, Calshot Beach offers excellent conditions for paddle boarding enthusiasts. Located near the mouth of Southampton Water, this beach is known for its strong winds and tidal currents, making it perfect for more experienced paddlers looking for a challenge. With sweeping views of the Solent and the distant Isle of Wight, Calshot Beach promises an exhilarating paddle boarding experience.

5. Chichester Harbour:
Venture west into neighboring West Sussex to discover the beauty of Chichester Harbour, an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty. Paddle boarders can explore sheltered creeks and estuaries, gliding past quaint villages and historic landmarks. With its expansive waterways and diverse ecosystems, Chichester Harbour offers endless opportunities for exploration and discovery on the water.

Whether you're seeking peaceful riverside paddling or thrilling coastal adventures, Hampshire has something to offer paddle boarders of all skill levels. From the tranquil waters of the River Test to the exhilarating tides of Calshot Beach, each paddle boarding spot in Hampshire invites you to immerse yourself in the beauty of nature and experience the joy of gliding across the water.