Are Changing Robes Worth It and Why Choose Beachbum Brobes?

Benefits of dry changing robes

Whether or not Brobes / changing robes are worth it depends on your specific needs and preferences. Changing robes, often used by paddleboarders, surfers and outdoor enthusiasts, offer several advantages:

1. Privacy: Changing robes provide a private space for changing out of wet or dirty clothing, which can be especially useful at the beach or after outdoor activities.

2. Convenience: They are designed to be easy to put on and take off, and they typically have wide armholes for ease of movement allowing for ease when in wet garments.

3. Warmth: Changing robes are usually made of warm and quick-drying materials, helping to keep you comfortable in colder conditions.

4. Versatility: Many changing robes are multipurpose and can be used not only for changing but also as a warm, wearable garment.

5. Protection from the elements: They can provide a barrier against wind and rain, which is helpful for maintaining warmth and staying dry.

6. Taking less of the outdoors home with you: Using a changing robe can help keep your car or home clean by preventing sand, dirt, or water from getting inside.

The worth of a changing robe depends on how often you engage in activities where such a garment would be useful and whether you value the benefits it offers. They can be a valuable investment for those who frequently participate in water sports, outdoor adventures, or just want a convenient way to change in privacy. However, if you have limited use for it, you might find it less cost-effective.

Beachbum Brobe best dry Changing Robes

Why our Brobe Changing Robes are better than other alternatives:

1. Privacy: Our Brobes are designed to give you full body coverage with enough room to easily change inside of.

2. Convenience: Combining the oversized fit design with 180 degree zips that allow you to open and close the Brobe from the outside or inside, for maximum changing ease.

3. Warmth: Our Brobes have a super thick sherpa fleece lining with quick drying technology to provide immediate warmth, maintain core temperature and help you dry off faster.

4. Versatility: Not just excellent for watersports our Brobes are designed to also be worn for dog walks, camping or cheering your local team on from the sidelines and available in a range of stylish colours.

5. Protection from the elements: Boasting a superior 10k waterproof outer shell, that can withstand up to 10,000mm of heavy rain. 100% Waterproof, 100% Windrproof, our Brobe changing robes will keep you dry in even the worst UK conditions.

6. Taking less of the outdoors home with you: designed to slip on easily over wet or dirty garments, the full body coverage and durable 100% waterproof outer shell of our Brobes is perfect for keeping yourself and your car clear of sand or dirt. Simply leave in your car boot between uses and then it's there whenever you need it. 

Checkout our range of premium quality Brobe changing robes and pick your favourite colour. Also available in the the exact same premium recycled materials as our Adult Brobe Changing Robes, our Kids Brobes are made for keeping your little ones warm, dry and protected on big adventures.